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We’re heading to Nashville, home to country music and Hotel Data Conference, where hospitality industry’s best and brightest crunch the data to help hotels improve their performance and profitability! Schedule some time to discuss the proven plan that helps Reservations, Revenue Management and Marketing truly operate as one team and make more profit.

Don’t miss “Leisure business is the foundation of successful hotels

… and how to get the most out of it”

Don’t miss this panel session featuring Enterprise Sales Consultant, Dominic Donatoni, on August 15th at 10:45am in Symphony D. Moderated by Hotel News Now, this panel will identify recent trends in leisure travel and give you the edge to be able to react to provide these travelers with what they need to make your hotel’s performance rock-solid.

Unify your systems, data and teams with a complete Hospitality CRM

eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Hospitality CRM

What is customer relationship management for the hospitality industry? Many hoteliers have been shortchanged! A CRM is not just email marketing. Learn how and when to capture your guest (and prospective guests’) data throughout their booking journey, what to do with that data once you have it and how to get your teams working on the same page with the same reliable data.

Guidebook: Your RFP Guidebook & Checklist to Finding the Right Hospitality CRM

Get the ultimate templated guide to creating a request for a proposal (RFP) for your hospitality business. You’ll learn things like what to look for in a vendor, which areas of your hotel or vacation rental business should be supported, and the importance of a strong support-team behind your platform. 

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