Why Attend?

From thought-provoking speakers, expert-led breakouts and endless amounts of fun, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with hospitality peers, learn industry best practices and be inspired by innovative technology.

Inspiring discussions on these key topics

Future-proofing your business

Gain insight into lessons learned from past economic threats, learn how others are leveraging data to avoid common pitfalls and find out what you need to do weather the storm.

Making data-driven decisions

Get a clearer picture of the market, what is shaping and driving demand and learn how to best analyze and understand your data to maximize your top line.

Channel profitability

Understand the costs and strategies of inbound channels of demand for maximizing profitability and insights into how to best work with OTAs to maximize profitability.

Driving direct bookings and increasing loyalty

Strategies and tactics to gain deeper insight into your guests’ preferences to the drive personalization required to interact on a one-on-one basis, drive more direct bookings and increase repeat business.

Improving guest experience

Guest experience is king. Learn how to develop end-to-end strategies and create the personalized, memorable experiences your guests crave to keep them coming back.

Innovative hospitality trends

Gain insights into emerging technologies in the hospitality industry that help modernize and improve guest experience, streamline operational efficiencies and drive real results for your business.

Aligning and empowering your teams

Create processes and initiatives to get your marketing, revenue and reservation sales teams on the same page, working towards a common goal with the same data.

Building and managing your workforce

Create a performance culture by hiring the right people, training them effectively and coaching for ongoing success.

Convince Your Boss

Are you ready to go to Navigate, but your boss seems reluctant? We’re here to help. Let them know at Navigate you’ll gain valuable insights that drive profitability, make new connections to help keep ideas fresh, and be inspired to try new things and lead your team into the future. Your Navigate experience will be a massive ROI for your team – bigger than Texas! You’ll return with revenue-generating ideas and tools to optimize business processes.

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