NAVIS ProServices

NAVIS ProServices is the creative outsourcing solution your swamped marketing team needs.


Professional services to support your marketing team

The NAVIS ProServices team combines advanced email HTML coding expertise with industry specific brand knowledge, to help take the pressure off and support your team deploy your email strategies.

Take your NAVIS Reach Lifecycle, Staycycle and ad-hoc marketing to the next level with our three options for customized design.


Master Template

The ready to use master template is a one-stop solution for all of your email design needs. Our designers work closely with you to create a customized email template fitting to your brand. Every template contains a variety of mobile responsive sections to choose from. To ease your email production, we also provide 6 additional mobile responsive templates based off of your master template.

Lifecycle Templates

With NAVIS Reach, get more of the guests that should be yours. We’ve tested out the six emails that perform best for our properties based on open rate, click-through rate, and revenue. For Narrowcast clients, they are simple to set up. Once you’ve planned your campaigns, there’s nothing else to do but generate revenue. We call it set-and-forget. Bonus: your ROI on your marketing investment goes up. A lot.

Staycycle Templates

Automate your guest confirmation, pre-arrival, Cancellation, and post-stay emails. With NAVIS StayCycle, you have the ability to communicate dynamically and uniquely based on attributes in 360 CRM.

Support your swamped
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NAVIS ProServices