Analytics Suite

Data & Insights you can trust

One Platform to Rule Them All

Bring your performance and demand data from reservations and marketing into a single, shared platform. The NAVIS Analytics Suite provides real-time and trustworthy reporting to align all of your teams around the right metrics

Monitor your Revenue and Trends

Don’t assume or guestimate any longer. Gain insights from our comprehensive reports that will guide your strategic planning, not just add work to your plate.

  • -Dashboards and data visualizations that are simple and clear
  • -Monitor KPIs and trends over time

One Complete System

Pulling reports from multiple systems and platforms can be time-consuming and lack accuracy. We keep in all in one place for you, so you can get to the data you need quickly and make better decisions.

  • -Drill down easily to a single source of truth in your analytic reports
  • -All of your data in one place for actionable reporting

Nurture New and Repeat Stays

Send triggered, personalized email follow up for every reservation inquiry (including those by phone) to dramatically increase bookings. Stay in touch automatically with past guests via personalized and perfectly timed touches that encourage repeat stays and customer loyalty.

Informed Business Decisions

Gain insights into new markets, measure your demand, evaluate performance, and develop
strategies for growth.

  • -Strategize based on the data not assumptions
  • -Bring your team together with trustworthy reporting

See your data differently with NAVIS Reveal ™